Website Content

Do you need content for a new website? Could your existing website benefit from a makeover? Poor content damages your brand and is a real turnoff for readers and search engines. You need top quality content that engages and draws the reader in. Contact me today and let me weave my magic!



Share your knowledge and expertise with the world via an eBook. Let me write your eBook so you can publish it online or via your own website. I am happy to write about anything and everything. Contact me today for a personalised quote.


Product Descriptions

It is not enough to copy and paste from the manufacturer’s manual when writing product descriptions. Buyers need to see the technical specification, but they also want to be seduced into buying. With the right words and some gentle coaxing, I will persuade your website visitors to click on the “buy now” link. My product description serve is perfect for affiliate sites and online stores, so drop me a line and let me know what you need.


Blog Posts

Maintaining a blog takes time and effort, which you may not have. I will keep your blog supplied with regular blog posts, as often as you need them. My hassle-free service includes uploading blog posts to your site and adding royalty-free images. Doesn’t that sound like a no-brainer?


Product Reviews

We are all influenced by a great product review, which is why most major retailer’s feature product reviews on their site. Would you make an expensive purchase without reading reviews first? No, if course you wouldn’t. I will pull information from different sources and write authentic reviews for your products that help not hinder your bottom line.

Guest Posts

Guest posts are an important strategy for building brand and backlinks, but you need good quality posts or it will be hard to find a website owner willing to give you space on their site. I will boost your content marketing strategy by writing guests posts that include keywords and a link back to your website.

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Sales Copy

Sales copy needs to be persuasive. I will get inside your customer's head (not literally!) and produce copy that really sells your products and services. I don't do hype and hyperbole. Instead, I will craft a winning headline and explain why they need to buy from you - and only you.


In-house editing is not always the solution. It often takes a fresh pair of eyes to spot silly errors. If you prefer to write your own content, let me proof read/edit it for you.

Don't let grammatical errors and typos spoil your professional image.


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